Welcome to Weird Sister!

Welcome to Weird Sister, a podcast about art, science, and culture as viewed through the lens of neurodiversity. Please join CC Hart as she reclaims a...View Details

It’s important for communities to know their origin stories. In our first full episode of the Weird Sister podcast, we'll learn about the graphics and...View Details

Neurodiversity is a neologism, a new word that describes an ancient truth: brains are strange and they aren't all the same! Join neurodiversity advoca...View Details

Weird is the Word

What's the story with the word weird? Join neurodiversity advocate CC Hart as she breaks down the etymology of her favorite word. We'll talk history, ...View Details

Audio Goddess

One of CC Hart's favorite Weird Sisters is Stacey Dennick, the WS podcast audio producer. In Episode 04, we talk dyspraxia, dyslexia and the ways that...View Details

Hildegard of Bingen was a prolific polymath, and a woman of exception skills. Did she also suffer from migraine? Let's explore the strangest of headac...View Details


Have you experienced a sudden, profound understanding of something that previously seemed hidden or obscured? Many neurodivergent persons don't get a ...View Details

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